Problems signing on or signing in
If you need help with signing for the API, please check the support forum of our API management provider 3scale here
If you have questions about the API itself or Edamam’s nutritional service, please contact us at api@edamam.com
I am not seeing my application key, why?
All our paid plans require you to have your credit card details on file in order for you to see and use your application key. If you want to use our API for free please use a free application plan. Free plans, unless stated diferently, do not allow commercial use of the data obtained using them.
How do I update my credit card details?
You can use this link (when logged in).
I am getting a 401 error, why?
Please make sure you use the credentials you created for this exact API as they are API and plan specific.
If you are using the right credentials and you still get 401 you might be hitting your limit. Check your account to see if this is the case.
I am getting a 555 error (low quality), why?
The goal of the 555 error is to make sure that we always provide accurate information to you. The 555 error means that the recipe does not pass our quality check and we can not recognize some of the ingredients included in the ingredient list. If you use the Virtual Nutritionist plan you will be able to see for which ingredients we have insufficient information and correct them.
Alternatively, you can send us couple of those recipes on api@edamam.com and we will review them for you.
How should I format the recipe
Recipes are submitted in JSON format according to the specific api documentation.
Do you support direct requests from the browser (AJAX, JSONP, CORS)?
For the Recipe Analysis API and Nutrition Data API the answer is no and we currently don't plan to. There are two reasons behind this:
- First, to access one of these APIs the request needs to include valid credentials (for example app_id and app_key). This would make it very easy for somebody to steal them.
- The second reason is, that direct access means direct charges from Edamam caused by the use of your site.
- Instead we expect that our customers develop server-side solutions that save the responses.
- For the Diet Recommendations API and Recipe Search API we do support both CORS and JSONP through the callback parameter. However, we are discouraging this, because of the same security issue.
How do I get best results in my nutrition analysis?
Always include an ingredient quantity: "3 oz butter cookies" is preferable to "butter cookies or tuiles"
Shorten and simplify the line: "2 cans garbanzo beans, drained" is preferable to "2-2 1/2 cans of washed and drained garbanzo beans"
If oil is used for frying, indicate so in the ingredient line (add the words "for frying"), so we can accurately calculate how much gets absorbed.
For stocks and broths, include "stock" or "broth" in the recipe title, so we can accurately calculate the remaining nutritional value once it's strained.
What diet, health and allergens filters/tags Edamam provide
The list of the tags generated by the Nutrition API and their definitions can be found in the API Documentation
The list of the filters provided for the Recipe Search & Nutrition API can be found in the API Documentation
What does attribution mean
You can find details about the Edamam attribution requirements in the respective API Plan description. Here are some examples and logos. We require the words “powered by” followed by our logo with the image linking to http://developer.edamam.com
If I cancel my API subscription what happens with my nutritional information.
If you decide to cancel your subscription you have to return all nutritional information provided by Edamam and you can no longer use it in any form.
You can upgrade/downgrade at any time for any of our API's. Upgrade is effective immediately and you will be billed pro rata for the current month. Downgrading is effective from the start of your next billing cycle.
How can I check if I have hit my monthly/daily API quota.
You can visit your account and check your usage stats
How can I see my applications and manage my data plans?
Login to your account and visit the Applications section
Can I cache the information from the API on my servers
For the Nutrition API you can cache the result from any requests from the api/details and api/nutrition access points. No caching is allow for data from the api/parse access point. You can keep the nutrition data on your servers as long as you maintain an active Nutrition API subscription
For the Recipe Search & Nutrition API you are limited by your specific plan. Please consult the API Plans page for further details
Contacting Edamam
You can use the support forum to check any question you might have
If your plans includes e-mail support you can e-mail us
For general questions not related to technical support feel free to write us directly at api@edamam.com