Nutrition Analysis API

The Nutrition Analysis API uses Natural Language Processing and semantically structured data.

Developer Enterprise Core Enterprise Unlimited
Monthly fee Free $69per month Custom
AI Assistant fee Free $0.0010/$0.0020 for 1K tokens outbound/inbound $0.0010/$0.0020 for 1K tokens outbound/inbound
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Data caching allowed? No Protein, net carbs, total fat, kcal Custom
Recipe analysis:
Full recipes analyzed monthly 400 recipes/month 50,000 recipes/month Unlimited*
Recipe submissions per minute 10 per minute 150 per minute Unlimited*
Text analysis:
Text Analysis hits monthly 4000 lines/month 100,000 lines/month Unlimited*
Text Analysis hits per minute 20 per minute 300 per minute Unlimited*
AI Assistant 30 calls/10,000 inbound tokens per day 10 calls per minute/200K inbound tokens per day 30 calls per minute/1 million inbound tokens per day
For All Plans:
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Food and quantity extraction demo access upon request upon request
Carbon Footprint demo access On request On request
Health, Diet and Allergy labeling
Automated Recipe Classifier demo access On request On request
AI Assistant with Open AI's GPT model
Commercial use no
Attribution Required** Required** Required**
Support Support form Email + Phone Email + Phone
Contract duration Month to month Month to month Month to month
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Full recipe nutrition analysis

Submit the full text of any recipe or ingredient list. Edamam will extract the full nutrition and ingredient data from the text. No more need to spend hours entering your recipes line by line. The nutrition analysis takes less than a second!

Text Analysis

Our Natural Language Processing engine allows for the extraction of food named entities from text. We also allow combined entity extraction with food database search. Once a text is submitted and entities are extracted our database is searched for additional food matches to the extracted entities.

Structured data and nutrition data output

Edamam returns detailed information for each ingredient line for the Recipe Analysis and for each text string for the Text Analysis. You can get information for the entire recipe as a whole or broken down automatically for each ingredient.

For each food (flour, eggs, etc.), Edamam returns data for calories, fats, carbohydrates, protein, cholesterol, sodium, etc. for a total of 28 macro and micronutrients.

All food nutrient data is enriched with diet, allergy and health labeling, as calculated by Edamam based on the food's ingredients. Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free, Low-Sodium, and Dairy Free are some of the 90+ claims generated automatically.

Edamam Platform Assistant

The Edamam Platform Assistant is a chatbot integrated into four of Edamam’s API. This can provide an easy to use intuitive interface for your customers. The assistant allows you to submit natural language queries and receive back the necessary API calls needed in order to obtain the data requested by your query.

The Nutrition Analysis API is integrated into this service. You can find more information on the Chatbot Assitant here


Data Caching

The terms of use of the Edamam Data are covered in the API Terms of Use and do not permit data caching unless explicitly permitted by Edamam. The data caching described here does not constitute permission to copy or reuse the Edamam data.

Data caching is allowed for some paid API plans when explicitly stated by the plan’s terms. API customers can cache only the four basic macro nutrient data points - protein, total fat, net carbs, and calories. Saved data can be used only in the end user’s account, behind a password. The caching as described here does not allow customers to build a copy of the Edamam data to be reused in any form or to build a food search. The API still provides full nutrient data which can be displayed on call without caching and customers can only cache the nutrients described above. Active subscription to an eligible plan is required as long as the data is used as well as attribution to Edamam.

Low-cost solution

Edamam provides free recipe nutrition analysis and text analysis with its basic plan for developers, startups and non-profits alike.

Enterprise customers are charged a very low monthly licensing fee for recipe analysis based on usage. Custom packages are also available.

* All plans allow only human, end user driven requests. The terms of the API prohibit any automated programatic requests with the goal to collect, scrape or save data provided by the API. The data returned in the response can be only used for presentation to the human end user who initiated the request and can not be stored unless explicitely permetted by Edamam . Edamam reserves the right to determine if the API is being used by automated means in which case the access to the API will be stopped immediately without refund to paid monthly fee.

** All Edamam plans require the following attribution by using the image provided here and a link to . For the Recipe Analysis API, such attribution should be placed right next to the nutrition facts. You can see the available image formats and examples from other customers here. Not providing attribution is considered breach of contract and is followed by immediate service suspension.