Food Database API

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Free for startups*
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API limits:
Food Searches 25 per minute 100 per minute Unlimited
UPC/Barcode Search 25 per minute 100 per minute Unlimited
Autocomplete requests 25 per minute 100 per minute Unlimited
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
600,000 food items
520,000 unique UPCs/barcodes
200,000 branded restaurant items
50,000 generic foods
UPC/Barcode Search
40 Diet, Health and Allergy filters Basic filters
Commercial use Not allowed Yes Yes
Attribution Required** Required** Required**
Support Forum Email Email + Phone
Contract duration unlimited Month to month Custom
The Food API uses Natural Language Processing and semantically structured data.
Food database
Edamam provides access to a food database with over 700,000 basic foods, restaurant items and consumer packaged foods
The foods in the Food API can be filtered by Diet and health filters generated by Edamam. All food database data is enriched with diet, allergy and health labeling, as calculated by Edamam based on the food's ingredients. Peanut Free, Shellfish Free, Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian are some of the 20+ claims generated automatically.
For basic foods from the food database (flour, eggs, flour etc.), Edamam returns data for calories, fats, carbohydrates, protein, cholesterol, sodium for a total of 28 nutrients . For UPC foods and fast foods data is return as listed on their nutrition label
UPC or Barcode search
The Food Database API provides access to over 325,000 unique UPC codes.
Low cost solution
Edamam provides free Food API access with its basic plan for developers, startups and non-profits alike.
Enterprise customers are charged a very low monthly and per call fee based on usage. Custom packages are also available.
*Edamam reserves the right to determine eligibility to free access at the Startup level. Eligibility is determined based on type of usage for the API and level of commercialization for the products in which the API is used. When Edamam determines that a customer on a Start-up plan has started generating revenue while using Edamam’s data the customer will have to switch to a paid Enterprise plan. At this time all future use of any recipe nutrition analysis data provided by Edamam under the Startup plan will be subject of the standard Edamam monthly licensing fees as agreed between Edamam and the customer. In the event when the customer chooses not to pay licensing fees to Edamam it will have to return all data received via the API to Edamam and stop using it.
**All Edamam plans require the following attribution by using the image provided here and a link to . For the Recipe Analysis API, such attribution should be placed right next to the nutrition facts. You can see the available image formats and examples from other customers here. Not providing attribution is considered breach of contract and is followed by immediate service suspension.